A Mental Health Program Unlike Any You Have Ever Seen:

At Attach Attempt Achieve we don’t just  manage the pain, we build the brain by turning every day  circumstances into relational opportunities needed in a high stimulus, fast paced world! 

The Attach Attempt Achieve program helps parents and professionals build security and self-esteem through cutting edge relational approaches.

Everyone experiences emotional stress from time to time. Whether you are concerned about yourself, a spouse or a child, you can change unhealthy behaviors to healthy behaviors and tense relationships to calm, close relationships by discovering how the brain is wired for love. Different personalities receive love differently. Learning how your loved one’s brain receives love is key to helping them receive the love you give. Don’t be blind-sighted by negative behaviors. Attach Attempt Achieve helps people of all ages feel safe to “get real”, “own stuff” and “build closeness” in ways that help them bond at an emotional level. Learn how to use attachment intervention (building brain connections)  for emotional regulation, stress management, trauma recovery and academic achievement.

This program nurtures children and adults through a journey of discovery to increase security, safety, creativity and joyful attachment and to decrease feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability. The new traits fostered through affirmation increase healthy Attachment circuits in the brain. You will experience a new or increased ability to Attempt to Achieve. Achieve what? Achieve goals such as joyful self-esteem, deeper intimacy in relationships, increased academic ability and over all feelings of emotional control. Self discovery unlocks mental and emotional capacity helping you move from  fear, isolation or aggression to transparency, authenticity, intimacy and trust.

Whether you are looking for a self help seminar or for ongoing therapeutic coaching, you can strengthen your ability to give and receive security and intimacy. Relate better to your loved ones and together, you can Attach Attempt Achieve! For a twenty minute free consultation, call Sharon at 260-492-5602.

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